An Update on Sylvester

Sylvester had a tough childhood, and through his involvement in so many DCFS programs, he felt as though he lived 35 different lives. We at Kaleidoscope have been very lucky to have known Sylvester in his latest life and to have watched him grow into the remarkable, motivated young man he has become. Listen to Sylvester’s story about how Kaleidoscope got him on the right path.

Meet Sylvester

Sylvester first shared his story with us in 2017 as part of our fundraising event.

Sylvester’s Story 2021

Now in May 2021, we catch up with Sylvester as he reflects on his experiences growing up in the child welfare system, the lasting impact of Kaleidoscope, and how he hopes to use his experiences to advocate for families across Chicago.

Investing in Families

We join Sylvester again, this time in his home with his son, as he shares his hopes for the future. Hear how his own experience in the child welfare system and with Kaleidoscope have influenced his role as a father.