Our History

Kaleidoscope was founded in 1973 to keep children who had experienced abuse and neglect safe within families, homes, and communities.

Over four decades, Kaleidoscope has built a reputation for itself as a unique organization that specializes in serving children and families with the greatest needs. Today, Kaleidoscope is a leader in the child welfare field, serving nearly 700 children and families in Chicagoland every year.

Kaleidoscope works with children and families to prevent and heal from abuse and neglect. All of the children we serve have experienced some form of trauma, such as physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect or exposure to substance abuse or domestic violence. The children and families we serve are also often exposed to extreme poverty, community violence, substance abuse, and more.

At Kaleidoscope, we recognize that every child is unique and needs different supports to heal from trauma. So we’ve built an agency of experts who bring a wide array of perspectives, knowledge, and evidence-based interventions to meet each child’s needs. Kaleidoscope’s staff are experts in serving children suffering from severe emotional trauma and medically-complex conditions, as well as developmental and intellectual disabilities.

We believe that relationships, and families in particular, are the best way for children to heal from trauma and grow into happy, healthy, successful adults. Through our expert programs and services, we equip the adults in a young person’s life to provide the best care possible, so that children and youth are safe, have the chance to heal, and are empowered to live successful, happy lives.

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