Our Commitment to DEI

Kaleidoscope is working towards an equitable future for our families, staff, and the communities we serve.  As we continue to progress in our fight for equity for all children and families, we will update with current projects, recent accomplishments, and engagement opportunities for our community. Below are the current strategic focus areas outlined by our DEI Committee:

Embed DEI Lens into HR Policies and Procedures

Activate a justice and equity lens within agency policies and procedures by revising our policies to align with best practices for equity-minded non-profits.

Develop a Culture of Learning and Reflection

Establish a shared language around equity in the context of our work by designing training opportunities and holding space regularly for staff members to make meaning of these ideas in their everyday activities.

Design and Implement Systems for Transparency and Accountability

Establish clear and consistent communications from Kaleidoscope leadership and other leaders of DEI work and systems for feedback regarding action steps and progress.