Our Strategic Plan

Kaleidoscope’s strategic plan helps us reach our goal of delivering innovative, leading programs that support our mission for youth and families, with sustainable financial resources to succeed for the long term.

Our Strategies

1. Family & Youth Development

Define and deliver services and interventions in home and community settings that build resourcefulness within the children and families served.

2. Workforce Strength

Attract and retain employees with competitive salaries and benefits, skill development and engaging work environment.

3. Financial Security

Diversify funding to increase financial autonomy while using resources efficiently and effectively.

4. Community Outreach and Brand Awareness

Enhance relations with public and private entities, and target messaging to influence public policy, advocate for Kaleidoscope and raise awareness of the social issues facing the children, youth and families served.

5. Board and Associate Board Engagement

Increase board involvement in development activities and reinforce governance responsibilities.