Independent Living Program

Our goals go beyond keeping youth safe while they are in foster care. Through our Independent Living program, we equip young people with the skills to become self-sufficient and lead happy, successful lives.

Kaleidoscope 4 Kids Chicago Independent Living Program - DCFS Foster Youth

Independent Living Program for Former Foster Youth

The State of Illinois supports youth in foster care until they are 21 years old. Through Kaleidoscope’s Independent Living program, our staff provides case management and other support services to assist youth ages 18 to 21 to live independently in the community while preparing for their transition to adulthood. The primary goals of this program are to promote well-being, social skills, financial stability, sexual health and self-sufficiency.

Young people who apply for this program are matched with a dedicated Independent Living specialist who guides them through finding an apartment, planning for college and/or employment, setting budgets, saving for their future and maintaining a home. Kaleidoscope staff meet with youth in this program regularly to check-in on their progress and reassess their goals for the future. Together, we support and guide these young people as they define and achieve their own successes.

Kaleidoscope’s Independent Living program provides extra support to young people while we equip them to live on their own, help them accumulate savings and prepare them for the transition to a self-sufficient, happy adulthood.

Sylvester’s Story

Watch Sylvester’s story to learn about how Kaleidoscope and our Independent Living Program got him on the right path.

How You Can Help our Independent Living Program

Young adults in our Independent Living program are setting up apartments and living on their own for the first time. We accept donations of new or gently used home goods (ex. dishes, cookware, linens, furniture) and professional attire (ex. suits, slacks, dress shirts, blouses.) For more information, contact us. You can also make an online cash donation that will support this and our other programs.

For additional information on our Independent Living program, email us.