ServicesIntensive Placement Stabilization Program

Keeping children safely in their homes is a top priority. Through Kaleidoscope’s Intensive Placement Stabilization program, we work with families who have behavioral, emotional or physical needs that threaten to disrupt a child’s placement in a foster home.

Intensive Placement Stabilization Program

When young people are at risk of being displaced from their home, our Intensive Placement Stabilization (IPS) team provides comprehensive services to build trust and stability while maintaining the youth’s safety and well-being.

IPS specialists work with families to build on their strengths and the strengths in their communities. Together, they develop customized plans that meet their short-term, individualized needs in all areas of family life. These chosen interventions address the behavioral, emotional, and physical needs of the child, as well as other issues affecting the family. Examples of services include:

  • Short term trauma-informed individual counseling
  • Art- and play-based therapy
  • Family counseling
  • Caregiver support
  • Psychoeducation on mental health and the effects of trauma
  • Therapeutic parenting education and support
  • Connections to community-based services
  • School advocacy

IPS providers are trained in providing trauma-informed services, such as the evidence-supported Trauma Affect Regulation: Guide for Education & Therapy (TARGET) intervention. The IPS specialist works with the entire treatment team – including the youth’s primary caseworker, school, and other therapeutic providers – to connect the family with community-based services and resources for long-term support and stability.

Enhanced Intensive Placement Stabilization Pilot Program

Building on the success of our IPS program, DCFS awarded us new funding in November 2016 to launch an Enhanced IPS pilot. Through this pilot program, we work with youth who have high psychiatric needs and are receiving inpatient psychiatric care. Our specialized clinical consultants collaborate with providers, young people and families to ensure that youth have all of the supports they need to return to their home. Some of the services we provide in this program are:

  • caregiver support and psychoeducation
  • ongoing case consultation for clinically-appropriate referrals and funding
  • monthly meetings to ensure the family has everything they need for the youth’s success

For Providers

We accept referrals to our Intensive Placement Stabilization Program from caseworkers at DCFS and Purchase of Service (POS) agencies. A referral is appropriate for IPS when circumstances arise that may threaten the current placement, such as a 14-­day notice, recent SASS assessment or hospitalization, when the child is on a waitlist for long-­term services, or when their needs cannot be met through the existing array of services. In addition, IPS can provide home-­based services when a youth steps down from a hospitalization or residential care, to support the entire family as the youth adjusts. Learn more here.

For referrals or additional information, contact Alyse Almadani:

How You Can Help

The best way to help children and youth in our Intensive Placement Stabilization Services is to make a donation to support our work. We maintain low staff-to-family ratios to ensure that we can provide the specialized care and attention that each of our families need. This commitment to care is at the core of our mission, and it relies on individual donors to help us fund our programs. Make your gift now to help keep families as our focus.

For additional information on our Intensive Placement Stabilization Services, email us.