ServicesIntact Family Services

For some families who are indicated for abuse or neglect, keeping the child at home is in their best interest. Our family preservation team ensures children’s immediate and ongoing safety while collaborating with caregivers and DCFS to resolve issues at home and prevent future harm.

Intact Family Services for DCFS-involved Families

Our Intact Family Services program is designed for families who have an indicated report of abuse or neglect and are at risk of having children removed from their home. Families in this program may volunteer to receive our services, or they may be ordered by a court to participate.

Through this program, we ensure children are safe while we resolve the issues that put them at risk of harm, such as domestic violence, substance abuse, mental health and housing issues. Working alongside DCFS, our staff provides counseling, in-home visits to monitor and assess the family, and case management services in an effort to prevent the need for foster placement, improve the home environment for the child and successfully transition the household out of the DCFS system.

By keeping children safe within their own homes, we reduce trauma to children and caregivers and help build a foundation for a stronger family. Our short-term, intensive services connect families to supports and resources within their communities so that they can provide the stable, loving care that children need without further DCFS intervention.

How You Can Help our Intact Family Services Program

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