Intact Family Services

Preventing abuse and neglect, strengthening families

Our Intact Family Services program is a preventative program, designed for families who are at risk of having children removed from their home due to abuse or neglect.

Through this program, we work with the family to put services in place to help reduce barriers that may have put the child(ren) at risk of harm, such as domestic violence, substance use, mental health, medical health and housing instability. Our staff provides case management through in-home visits to monitor and assess the family and the safety of the child on a regular basis and to provide referrals to needed services.  Through these efforts, we hope to prevent the need for foster placement and to improve the home environment for the child so that the parent(s) can safely and successfully care for the child on their own.

These short-term, intensive services connect families to supports and resources within their communities so that they can provide the stable, loving care that children need.