Clinical Services

Kaleidoscope’s licensed mental health clinicians provide individual, group and family therapy to help our clients overcome the trauma they’ve experienced, build healthy relationships and lead happy lives.

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Clinical Services (Therapy)

Children and youth served at Kaleidoscope have experienced traumas, including abuse, neglect, separation from their families, domestic violence, poverty, substance abuse and more. Trauma has serious impacts on the development of healthy neural pathways in the brain and can have significant, life-long negative impacts on children’s emotional and behavioral health.

Kaleidoscope’s therapists specialize in helping children, youth and caregivers heal from these traumas. We take a relationship-based approach, which helps families build trust and support each other in healing. Therapists offer a safe, supportive, structured and supervised environment for kids and families to work through painful emotions, challenge unhelpful thoughts and behaviors and practice new skills. Together, we identify strengths and needs, then create individualized care plans to decrease clients’ symptoms of mental illness and traumatic stress and improve their daily functioning within their families and communities.

When children and caregivers are able to heal from these traumas, they can live self-sufficient, productive and happy lives, all while having the potential to stop trauma from impacting future generations of their family.

Clinical Philosophy

Kaleidoscope’s clinical philosophy outlines our relationship-based approach to supporting our clients and helping them heal. These guiding principles are at the core of our work, and we believe they create the best environment for children and families overcoming trauma. View our clinical philosophy.

How You Can Help

By making a donation to support our work, you can help us provide the therapy and other services that children and youth need to overcome trauma and lead successful lives. Make the gift of healing now.

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