Our Programs & Services

Our Programs & Services

We provide assessment, case management, counseling, specialized foster care, independent living preparation and other services for children and youth involved with DCFS. We believe that our kids need adults’ support, patience and guidance to keep them safe and help them lead happy, successful lives.

Intact Family Services

Working with families to put services in place to help reduce barriers that put the children at risk of harm. Learn more.

Foster Care & Adoption

Matching children and youth with temporary foster families and permanent adoptive families who provide the stable, loving homes they need to succeed. Learn more.

Independent Living Program

Equipping young people with the skills to become self-sufficient and lead happy, successful lives. Learn more.

Enhanced Clinical Community Support

Offering immediate, short-term services to stabilize youth in their home after inpatient psychiatric hospitalization. Learn more.

Intensive Placement Stabilization

Comprehensive services to build trust and stability while maintaining a foster youth’s safety and well-being. Learn more.

Clinical Services

Individual, group and family therapy to help our clients overcome the trauma they’ve experienced, build healthy relationships and lead happy lives. Learn more.

Find Your Future

Matching young people with employers in our community who give them a chance to build their resume and develop job readiness skills. Learn more.

Arts Camps & Activities

Creating space for young people to express themselves and develop their passions. Learn more.

Foster Parent Training

Training and supporting foster parents 24/7 as they care for the young people we serve. Learn more.