Enhanced Clinical Community Support

Through the Enhanced Clinical Community Support (ECCS) program, we provide immediate, short-term services to stabilize youth in their home after inpatient psychiatric hospitalization. Our specialized Community Clinicians collaborate with case management teams, clinical providers, young people, and families, to ensure that youth have all of the supports they need to return to their home and remain stable with their family.

Our team specializes in trauma informed care, targeting the caregiving system surrounding the youth and breaking down systemic barriers to high quality mental health care. Our goal is to increase the trauma informed capacity of all adults in a caregiving role with the youth, while coordinating long term service providers for the family that will support stabilization throughout the individual’s life.

Some of the services we provide in this program are:

  • Caregiver support and psychoeducation
  • Linkage to long term services, such as specialized therapy or recreational activities
  • Advocacy to ensure access to necessary supports in school and community
  • Monthly Enhanced Clinical Team Meetings to ensure the family has everything they need for the youth’s success
  • Clinical consultation and support for all team members
  • Therapeutic Respite Providers: provide therapeutic mentoring, respite, and interim support to youth and caregivers

When a young person leaves our program, they will have supportive services and relationships in place to ensure their mental health resiliency throughout life.