Frequently Asked Questions: Find Your Future

FAQs: Find Your Future

What are the qualifications for this program?

Each participant must be enrolled in one of the following DCFS programs and meet the following GPA requirements: 1. Youth in College 2. Independent Living, Transitional Living Program, or Foster Care 3. Self-selected placement Or Receiving a scholarship through “Youth in Scholarship” 4. A GPA of 2.0 or greater through the spring semester. Accepted students are required to provide fall and spring semester unofficial transcripts. 5. Each participant must be enrolled in a 2 or 4 year college or vocational program during and after the application process.

Am I eligible for Find Your Future if I graduate college before December?

No. All participating students MUST be enrolled in school post Find Your Future internship.

What if I am a freshman and I don’t have transcripts to send with my application package?

Submit all other Find Your Future application requirements and a brief cover letter explaining that because you are freshman you do not at present have college transcripts. Student’s final acceptance will be contingent upon the receipt of their transcripts and meeting all other Find Your Future requirements.

What type of transcripts do I need to submit official or unofficial?

Unofficial transcripts must be submitted at time of application to Find Your Future. However, students may be required to submit official transcripts to the internship placement interview. Find Your Future has the same GPA guidelines as Youth in College and Scholarship. Even after acceptance, students must maintain the 2.0 minimum GPA and provide the Find Your Future Coordinator unofficial transcripts; otherwise the student will be dismissed from the program for that year.

When does the program start and finish?

The Program begins approximately the last week of May and concludes mid-August. Internships begin approximately the first of June. When accepting this internship each intern is required to sign an agreement outlining obligations and responsibilities.

How does the Find Your Future Program Coordinator communicate with each student?

Email is the primary tool used to communicate with all students. Cell phone is secondary.

Where are internships located?

Most internships are located in the Chicagoland area; Chicagoland area is defined as city and suburbs within Cook County. However, accommodations are made for a student to intern outside the Chicagoland area on as-needed basis.

How is my internship chosen?

Internships are determined by college concentration, interviews, and location in relation to student’s summer housing.

What if I want to take summer classes?

The Find Your Future Program is a rigorous internship program that can include 25-37.5 hours per week at the assigned internship provider. It is highly recommended that the student prioritize the internship. However, if the student needs to attend summer classes, it must be communicated to the FYF Manager and a summer schedule must be provided prior to enrollment.

Am I required to take summer classes to maintain my Youth in College stipend?

No. Enrollment in Find Your Future meets the Youth in College and Youth in Scholarship academic requirements to maintain a student’s monthly stipend.

Am I an employee of Kaleidoscope?

No, interns are not employees of Kaleidoscope. Participating students are considered independent contractors; therefore, all students are required to pay the income tax on earned stipends.

As an intern do I have any benefits?

No. As an intern of the Find Your Future Program you do not earn vacation, sick, holiday, or personal time. For any time taken off students must have supervisory and FYF Manager approval and will not receive a stipend hours not performed.

How is my stipend calculated?

Interns earn a stipend of the hourly rate of Chicago’s minimum wage. Youth can earn up to $4,125 for the normal schedule of 37.5 hours per week for ten weeks. Under no circumstances can an intern perform more than 40 hours each week.

When do we receive our stipends? Can stipends be directly deposited?

Interns receive stipends bi-weekly. Yes, stipends can be direct deposited.

How many workshops are there?

There are seven required workshops, which are: Orientation, Office Etiquette, Resume Writing, Interviewing, Networking and Business Dinner Etiquette, Volunteer Service Project, Financial Literacy, Team Building Activity, and Professional Social Media. Additional workshops or retreats may be added.

Why are all workshops mandatory?

Attendance is required for each workshop and activity. Your acceptance into the FYF Program requires you to participate in the Workshops. The Workshop curriculum is part of the Find Your Future professional learning experience; therefore, they are all mandatory.

Is transportation provided?

Students receive a one-time $75 transportation stipend. If any additional transportation stipend can be provided, students are notified immediately.

Is housing provided?

If any housing can be provided, students will be notified immediately.

Will this internship lead to permanent employment?

Possibly. Each year we have several students offered part-time to full-time employment, but this is determined by internship provider needs, student’s performance, and student availability.

Can I receive academic credit for my internship?

Yes, as long as your university is aware you are being compensated for hours worked. This must be communicated with the FYF Manager.

Complete an application to apply today. Applications are due no later than December 15, 2018. Late applications will not be accepted.

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