We’re proud of our video series all about Kaleidoscope and the children, youth and families we help heal from abuse and neglect in Chicago. See what sets us apart and how we go above and beyond.

50th Anniversary Series

In recognition of our 50th anniversary in 2023, we debuted a 3-part video series about our past, present and future. Chicago broadcasting legend Bill Kurtis graciously gave his time to host the series.

Meet Kaleidoscope (2017)

Promoting Equity in the Child Welfare System

Meet Sylvester (2017)

Sylvester's Story Part 1 (2021)

Sylvester's Story Part 2 (2021)

Corrine's Story

Tashiyana's Story

Meet Esmeralda

Meet Karlyn

Meet DJ Tess

Meet Find Your Future


"Save the best for last"

"The Life"