Counting Down to 50 Years of Impact!

Today marks the official countdown to Kaleidoscope’s 50th Anniversary! June 6, 2023 will officially mark 50 years of Kaleidoscope impacting the lives of children, youth and families in the community. When Kaleidoscope was first founded, it was on the belief that children and youth could be served better in a family-, community-based setting.

At the time of Kaleidoscope’s founding, children and youth were being served in youth homes and institutions (pictured here) throughout the state of IL and in states like Texas. It wasn’t until 1973 when Mel Breed decided to gather a dedicated team that they started the commitment to serving children, youth and families here at home. Today we still operate under this same belief, that children and youth are best served in community-based settings by responsive adults.

Follow along with us over the next year as we highlight the history of Kaleidoscope, the teams that made the impact, and share our vision for the future of working with children, youth and families.