Kaleidoscope’s Summer Extravaganza

Kaleidoscope is thrilled to announce our Summer Extravaganza is back to help children and families celebrate the last days of summer and get ready for a new school year! While we have tried our best to get families ready for school over the past two years, the pandemic didn’t allow us to gather in person, however this year we are ready! 

We are inviting Kaleidoscope children & youth to Kaleidoscope’s Summer Extravaganza on Friday, August 12 to kick-off the new school year. Students will be able to receive their annual dental, vision and hearing check-ups and “shop” for school supplies they may need for the upcoming year. 

As Kaleidoscope children, youth and families heal from the trauma that they have experienced, we hope that Kaleidoscope’s Summer Extravaganza will be a fun event, that also alleviates some of that back to school stress. 

If you want to help a Kaleidoscope student succeed this year, you can help make our Summer Extravaganza a success by filling up our “School Shop” and allow families to get all the school supplies they need at no cost to them. You can get involved by: 

  1. Donating directly to Kaleidoscope, where your dollars will be put to use buying needed supplies for students of all ages. 
  2. Visiting our Amazon Wish List, where supplies will be delivered directly to our offices from the comfort of your home. 

We thank you for helping Kaleidoscope students succeed this school year!