About UsOur Strategic Plan

Kaleidoscope’s strategic plan helps us reach our goal of delivering leading programs that support our mission for youth and families, with sustainable financial resources to succeed for the long term. We are on track to meet each of our objectives by the end of our 2019 fiscal year.

Our Strategies

1. Family & Youth Development

Define and deliver services along the continuum of care that promote supportive relationships and build resourcefulness within the children and families served

  1. Implement staff committee with goal to evaluate and recommend strategies to promote relationships and build resourcefulness
  2. Develop an advisory council to include youth and parent voice in delivering services
  3. Complete FY17 Foster Parent Recruitment Plan with measurable goals
  4. Administer youth and family satisfaction survey to monitor progress
  5. Evaluate all key partners and collaborators to determine future provider relationships

2. Staff Development

Enable and empower the workforce to grow in their careers and make meaningful contributions to the agency’s objectives.

  1. Develop and deploy Competitive Compensation Package
  2. Further develop Onboarding process
  3. Develop and implement Core Training for staff
  4. Develop consistent supervision and developmental goals for all staff

3. Culture of Excellence

Create a work and service environment that strives for personal accountability, high performance, and continuous quality improvement.

  1. Review and Create Policy and Procedure
  2. Create departmental operation manuals
  3. Implement monthly PQI meetings
  4. Implement new FY17 performance measures

Financial Strength

Diversify funding to increase financial autonomy while using resources efficiently and effectively

  1. Raise 50,000 from fundraising event in FY 17
  2. Implement improved financial controls
  3. Develop cost per client/program metrics
  4. Diversify BOD to expand diversity and fundraising capabilities, add 2-3 new board members in FY17
  5. Establish fundraising committee of the Board

5. State and Community Outreach

Strengthen relationships with public and private entities to advocate for Kaleidoscope, influence policy, and raise awareness of the social issues facing the children, youth and families served

  1. Develop marketing and communication plan for agency to increase visibility and advocacy messages
  2. Evaluate all key agency committees to ensure adequately represented in alignment with strategic direction