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July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015

In our 2015 fiscal year, Kaleidoscope served more than 600 children and families through our programs. We continue providing the highest quality of care and services for children and families impacted by abuse and neglect, all while establishing new staff practices to exceed statewide standards.

Who We Are

Kaleidoscope is a non-­profit child welfare agency that has been serving children and families impacted by abuse and neglect since 1973. Our goal is to keep children safe within a home environment through innovative service delivery. Learn more.

Who We Serve

Children and youth are referred to Kaleidoscope through DCFS when there are allegations of abuse or neglect. The kids we serve range in age from birth to 21 and have severe emotional, behavioral and medical issues that require comprehensive support. Through our services, we provide the specialized care, foster families and other services that children need to be safe, create a stable support system, and overcome trauma to lead healthy, happy lives.
Kaleidoscope FY15 1 - Kids Served

Our Work

Through our innovative service delivery, we help children and families in foster care achieve their best. We are committed to keeping low staff-to-family ratios, ensuring that every family gets the specialized care and services they need to keep children safe.

Foster Care & Adoption Services

Our Foster Care and Adoption Program is designed to provide care placement and permanency services to children with specialized mental health, behavior, medical, or pregnancy/parenting needs and their foster and biological families. Our goal is to keep children safe. We work with biological families to resolve issues at home so that they may be reunited whenever possible, and we also match children with permanent, stable adoptive homes. Kaleidoscope FY15 2 - Foster and Adoption Served

Kaleidoscope FY15 3 - Foster and Adoption Demos

Intact Family Services

Our Intact Family Services Program is designed for families who have come to the attention of DCFS through an indicated finding of abuse and/or neglect. Our goal is to resolve the issue(s) that led to the indicated report so that the family remains intact and the child’s safety and wellbeing are ensured. Kaleidoscope FY15 3 - Intact Family Services Served

Kaleidoscope FY15 5 - Intact Outcomes

Intensive Placement Stabilization Program

Our Intensive Placement Stabilization Program is designed to promote family reunification, stabilize foster care placements, facilitate youth development and ensure the safety, permanency and well-being of children. Our goal is to successfully stabilize the child in the foster or biological family home so that the child’s safety and wellbeing are ensured. Kaleidoscope FY15 6 - Intensive Placement Stabilization Served

Kaleidoscope FY15 7 - Intensive Placement Ages

Independent Living

Kaleidoscope’s Independent Living Program is designed to provide casework and other supportive services to assist youth to live independently in the community while preparing for the transition to adulthood and self-sufficiency. Our goal is to successfully equip each youth to live independently after emancipation from DCFS at age 21.
Kaleidoscope FY15 8 - Independent Living Stats

Vocational Services

Kaleidoscope offers two vocational programs: Find Your Future and NEXT.

The Find Your Future Program is designed to provide current and former foster youth who are attending college with a 10-week paid internship and vocational training. The goal of this program is to equip each youth to successfully complete their internship with positive employer feedback.The NEXT Program is designed to provide current and former DCFS youth with an intensive 2-week job skills workshop and an 8-week paid externship opportunity. Our goal is to improve job readiness skills of each youth to successfully complete the 8-week externship. Kaleidoscope FY15 9 - Vocational Services Served

Kaleidoscope Alternative Respite Program (KARE)

The KARE Program is designed to provide temporary placement and stabilization services to youth involved with the juvenile justice system. Our goal is to stabilize youth so that the family can be reunited at the conclusion of the juvenile justice court involvement. Kaleidoscope FY15 12 - KARE Served

Clinical Services

Kaleidoscope’s Clinical Services Department provides individual, group and family therapy to children, youth and families in the Intact Family Services, Foster Care and Independent Living programs as needed. Our goal is to help our clients overcome trauma and build the lifelong family and community relationships to support them and help them succeed. Kaleidoscope FY15 13 - Therapy Sessions

Kaleidoscope FY15 14 - Client Improvement

Our Financials

Find more information about Kaleidoscope’s Financials here.
Kaleidoscope FY15 Expenses Chart
Kaleidoscope FY15 Expenses and Revenue